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Raising Kids with Grit, Tenacity, Persistence and Fortitude

Grit, tenacity, persistence and fortitude. No matter what you call it, it's the ability to push past disappointment, feelings of upset, adversity and other brick walls that stand between where we are and where we wish to be.  We’ve all tried to instill it in kids for years and the importance of all of this has been reinforced by the research of both Carol Dweck and Angela Lee Duckworth.

A Mindset of Persistence and Growth: The Long Haul

Raising kids to espouse a mindset that embraces the ability to persist is within reach for all parents and educators. Teaching kids that they can succeed if they keep trying and conveying a “can do” attitude is something that is done across time, rather than a one-time event. Innate abilities are trumped by a growth mindset and grit time and time again, so it’s something all parents and educators want to keep front of mind.
It’s a Characteristic that’s Evident
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